Hello New Year

It’s been a very long time since our last post, 6 months in fact! We are welcoming in the New Year of 2017 with a bright hello to all our followers and a new mission to update you all the day to day doings of our Alpacas as often as we can. We have been busy with recent treks and creating plans for this year including our return to the Leeds Wool Festival! We are looking forward to it already!

Above is our best nine photographs on Instagram over the year 2016; let us know which one is your favourite! 

Till next time!


A sad goodbye


Today we have some sad news about one of our dear Alpacas. It is with deep sadness we say goodbye to Wellington, one of our oldest and friendliest Alpacas, after a short illness. Wellington was a truly sweet Alpaca and we find comfort in remembering our fondest memories of him. Goodbye Wellington, you will be sorely missed. Love, Your Treeside Alpaca Family xxxx

Wool Festival 2016

So it has been over two weeks since we have attended the Wool Festival at Armley Mills, and we have so much to tell you! First of all the festival was a cracking success; we had so many visitors to the stall and they all wanted to know more about our adorable Alpacas, which I must say behaved splendidly! At one point, we were so over-run with visitors wanting a walk with an Alpaca, we had to put break signs up so we and our Alpacas could have a good rest. But to be fair, who can resist this little face??


The cards and pin cushions also went down a treat; we were sold out of pin cushions by dinnertime, so we need to go better prepared with them next time. And the cards were very popular, and we have had requests since then for some to be sent as gift cards.

The day itself went very well, with everyone interested to know more; the most popular questions were:

1- Where are you based? Methley, Leeds where we have enough land to allow visitors to take the Alpacas for pre-booked treks lasting about  1 hour to 1 hour and a half.

2- What is the difference between Alpacas and Llamas? On this we could talk for hours, but the main differences are their ears and size difference.

3- Do they take much looking after/How many do you have have/Do you shear them often etc? Again we could talk for hours on this, but mainly we shear them once a year, not much looking after but feeding, clipping nails and shearing etc, and then we have 8 as Alpacas are herd animals so should not be kept in low numbers or alone.


As you can see from the above photo, most people just wanted a small stroke or simply to see them up close. Many thought the experience was one to tick off their bucket list!

The Sunday after the Alpacas simply wanted a rest, exactly what we needed as well. A visit to the farm that day confirmed this, as they were simply lazing around. Well deserved 🙂13321870_605362469623638_2685077902858317419_n

Since the festival, we have had so much going on that I will have to save it for another time; but the best bits are we have been invited to attend a school gala with the Alpacas and some more treks have been booked, yay!

For now we will say bye, but check back soon for more Alpaca news!

Wool Festival Preparations

It’s been such a long time since I wrote a post; we have been so busy here at Treeside! We have been making further preparations for attending Leeds Armley Mills Wool Festival by buying gazebos and paste tables, making up signs for people to find us, and making rather interesting things to sell as mementos of visitor’s time with us!

For example we have made these cute Alpaca stuffies filled with our own Alpaca’s fleece from cotton fabric, and hope these will appealing to people of all ages.


Then we made pincushions for those crafty people attending the wool festival; again these are filled with our own Alpaca fleece, and although small they are quirky enough to remember us by!


Finally we have been bagging up our fleece to sell to those who come on our Alpaca mini treks so they have a small piece of the Alpaca they have walked, be it Wellington, Ambo, Chester or Bailey or any of our 8!

If you can attend the Wool Festival this June we strongly urge you to do so, and if not, we hope to see you for a trek some time in the future. Don’t forget you can now buy trek gift cards from us for a special someone’s birthday, or for us in the UK Father’s Day is next month so maybe a special treat for Dad can be a trek with some woolly friends!12931138_581451265348092_5848692802972598939_n

First Spring day

This weekend was the first sunny weekend of Spring for us in Yorkshire and as such, we thought the boys deserved a break from the barn and let them out for some much appreciated sunshine!

At first Kimbo was bouncing around like a spring lamb…..

Then Bomber thought it would be great to have a relaxing bath….

And finally they settled down and had a good munch on some grass.

Hopefully soon they will be staying out through the night again, but for now getting out for the day seems to suit them just fine!

Busy busy busy

It’s been a busy start to the New Year here at Treeside; we have been busy updating our business cards and flyers for visitors to the farm; it has been hard work but all the designing and proof reading has definitely paid off! Photos of these to follow 🙂

Over the past few weeks, we have also met with prospective new business ventures and managed to secure a spot at the Leeds Wool Festival at Armley Mills. Our Alpacas would love to meet you if you could swing by on Saturday 4th June 2016! Check out the wool festival on the link below:


Rosanne and Nigel have been busy packaging up leftover wool from our Alpacas fleeces so you can now take home a lovely momento of your favourite Alpaca after your trek with us. We hope this creates more of a personal touch and the Alpacas certainly have plenty of it to go around!


Kimbo- the confident one!

Kimbo is one of the four original Alpacas belonging to Treeside Alpacas, and is also the leader of the herd. As you can probably tell from his photographs, Kimbo is part Llama part Alpaca but his features and stature are predominantly Alpaca.

As the leader of the group, when out on Treks Kimbo likes to walk ahead of the others and enjoys creating a fuss if he isn’t. He also enjoys randomly kicking his leg out at others, not to hurt but more of a show of his current mood or as a fed up twitch.

Kimbo is regularly used in treks with children as he is more tolerant and accustomed to children than the others. When Alice, who is the youngest human of the Treeside Alpacas Family, was a small child he was particularly good with her and he became a favorite quite quickly!

One show of Kimbo’s confidence as being the leader of the herd was demonstrated when they first came to Treeside. Out of the four Alpacas there at the time, Kimbo was the first to walk up and hand feed, and then the others followed. It was almost as if they thought, if its safe for Kimbo its safe for us!