Kimbo- the confident one!

Kimbo is one of the four original Alpacas belonging to Treeside Alpacas, and is also the leader of the herd. As you can probably tell from his photographs, Kimbo is part Llama part Alpaca but his features and stature are predominantly Alpaca.

As the leader of the group, when out on Treks Kimbo likes to walk ahead of the others and enjoys creating a fuss if he isn’t. He also enjoys randomly kicking his leg out at others, not to hurt but more of a show of his current mood or as a fed up twitch.

Kimbo is regularly used in treks with children as he is more tolerant and accustomed to children than the others. When Alice, who is the youngest human of the Treeside Alpacas Family, was a small child he was particularly good with her and he became a favorite quite quickly!

One show of Kimbo’s confidence as being the leader of the herd was demonstrated when they first came to Treeside. Out of the four Alpacas there at the time, Kimbo was the first to walk up and hand feed, and then the others followed. It was almost as if they thought, if its safe for Kimbo its safe for us!



2 thoughts on “Kimbo- the confident one!

  1. I knew I was going to enjoy your posts and learn something. For instance I didn’t know llamas and alpacas could create off-spring! Do they have a specific name like Llampaca or Alama? 😉


    1. Haha thank you 🙂 Surprisingly enough a male Llama and female Alpaca cross is called a huarizo; its the most common camelid cross but it is still rare. With Kimbo, it is in his past genetics although he himself is born of two Alpacas, he just expresses Llama traits from his ancestors 🙂 Pretty interesting though!

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